Mantels (mantles) are a beautiful way to surround your fireplace.  Fireplace mantels are available in many styles and sizes to fit any decor.  All mantels (mantles) and shelves can be custom made to fit your specifications.
Fireplace Mantels and Shelves

WinterBrand offers a wide selection of fireplace mantels and shelves. Each mantel is hand crafted by skilled craftsman, using superior construction methods and premium materials. All fireplace mantels and shelves are built to order.
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Enjoy a wide selection of fireplace mantels and shelves, sure to please any decor and budget.  Our catalog of mantel surrounds are broken into two price categories, Value Series, and Select Series.  The Value Series mantels offer inexpensive options with simplistic designs, all starting below $350.00. Select Series mantels include more elegant and detailed designs and have more of presence than the Value Series. Select Series mantels begin at just over $350.00.


We offer both finished and unfinished mantels and mantel shelves. An unfunushed mantel gives you the ability to successfully match the finish of your specification. Ordering a finished piece can save you time and effort and is recommended when you are not in need of a very specific color.


Ordering your fireplace mantle is easy!  We have designed one of the most user friendly sites offering mantels allowing you to select any available measurement, wood type, and finish for your piece. You can create an unique look for your fireplace surround.  Our mantels and shelves are available in three different wood options.  MDF, birch and oak.  Throughout our online catalog we illustrate our birch and oak mantels using several different Minwax stain options and paints.