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Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, getting kitchen cabinet color ideas can help you make great design choices. Our kitchen cabinet colors range the full spectrum from White to Wheat to Black with numerous wood stains and tones in between.

Our Painted and White Kitchen Cabinets

We offer 2 painted finishes, Ivory and Onyx, which are detailed below. Ivory is available on all of our Maple kitchen cabinets as well as our Birch Atlanta 1 and Atlanta 2 styles. The Onyx finish, a medium luster Black paint, is offered only on our Maple cabinets. Most of our White cabinet styles (Georgetown, Dakota, Fairmont, and Georgetown Arch) are Thermofoil finished. The only exception is our Cascade collection which is a Laminated Melamine similar to a flat-sheen Formica.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colors

Most of our kitchen cabinet stains are offered across our different wood types Oak, Birch, Maple, & Cherry with a few exceptions. You should also keep in mind that stains can appear differently depending upon the wood type that they are applied to. Any stain applied to Cherry wood is going to instantly appear a shade darker than it would on Maple or Birch. In addition, there is a darkening of Cherry wood over time.

Please note that the color samples you see online are digital reproductions and are not to be viewed as 100% accurate. This is why it is vitally important to order door sample(s) so you can check the kitchen cabinet stain colors and get the precise shade you are looking for. The door(s) that you receive will be 100% accurate in its color representation. With a small, refundable deposit you can Order Sample Cabinet Doors here.

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white cabinets
White cabinets in the kitchen allow total freedom when choosing appliance colors as well as countertops, walls and flooring. We currently offer two types of White finishes, Melamine (on our Cascade style) and Thermofoil (on our Georgetown, Fairmont, and Dakota styles). Melamine is a laminate that is similar in appearance to Formica while Thermofoil is a heat-sealed finish with an ultra-smooth sheen that retains its vivid brightness.

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frost cabinets
The Frost finish is often described as "white-washed" or "pickled". It is basically a watered-down white which allows a fair amount of the natural wood grain to show through. Frost is most popular in a French Country or Americana inspired decor. Though offered on some Maple cabinet styles, Frost is most often requested over a grainier wood like Oak. Order door samples to see if this finish is right for your kitchen cabinets.

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ivory cabinets
Unlike the majority of our finishes, Ivory is a paint rather than a kitchen cabinet stain color. Ivory cabinets work wonderfully with decor where White would be too stark. Our process for painting cabinets is more labor-intensive than our standard staining procedure, resulting in a price increase for all painted pieces. If you are interested in ordering the Ivory finish, please contact us via phone at 1-800-237-7470 or email to select this option.

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natural cabinets
Please do not let the name fool you; these are neither raw nor unfinished cabinets. Our stain colors for kitchen cabinets start at the lightest color available a natural finish that is a minimally tinted, low sheen coating. This finish allows the beauty of the underlying wood grain to show through while evening the undertones for a beautiful appearance.

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wheat cabinets
The second lightest wood finish we offer is Wheat. When applied to Maple, you'll notice a slight reddish undertone, but when applied to Birch or Cherry you'll definitely see hints of brown. Our Wheat colored cabinets have a very warm appearance that works well in both Mediterranean and Deco decors. To see if this cabinet color will work in your kitchen, order a door sample.

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medium cabinets
Our Medium finish is used exclusively applied to our Oak wood cabinets. The end result is a look very similar to our Wheat finish (shown above) but the actual stain blend is formulated just a shade lighter to pair well with the heavily grained Oak wood.

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tuscany cabinets
Very much at home in a warm and welcoming Mediterranean influenced kitchen, the Tuscany kitchen cabinet color is robust with yellow and golden highlights. Still light enough to allow most of the grain pattern to show through, but with just enough depth to add a splash of refinement.

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sienna cabinets
There is no denying the standout beauty of its deeply red-tinged brown; Sienna is a solid performer. Perhaps because it is the midway point between our lightest and darkest wood tones, Sienna has remained one of our most frequently requested cabinet finishes. So if your search for kitchen cabinet color ideas has left you indecisive, Sienna would be a versatile choice.

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cafe cabinets
One of our newest finishes, Cafe removes the red highlights present in our Sienna finish in favor of an all-over robust brown hue. The Cafe stain was added to our lineup to fill the growing request for a rich, deep brown that isn't "too dark" yet is afraid to let its presence be known. If you have any question about the color of this stain, order a door sample and see the color first hand.

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cordovan cabinets
One of the classic colors for kitchen cabinets, Cordovan is the finish has been with us since the very beginning. It is exactly the opposite of Cafe, instead of removing the red tones, it turns the volume up to 10. Cordovan is a very familiar furniture color. Although most commonly thought of as the standard Queen Anne Cherry finish, Cordovan's intensely deep luster works equally well on Birch and Maple woods. Bold, timeless, and never out of style.

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espresso cabinets
IIt's brown over brown in the deeply dark hues of Espresso. This is a tone most commonly seen on thick, solid, Oak furniture, though Birch, Maple, and Cherry are not at all out of the question. Please keep in mind that Cherry wood darkens over time so Espresso on Cherry will eventually be almost black. It's a beautifully rich look. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, color ideas featuring dark cabinets should include a lot of natural or artificial light in the room.

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onyx cabinets
Cabinets don't get any darker than this. Our striking Onyx finish is a duel process layering painted black over Sienna. The doors and drawer fronts are then individually hand rubber in a few select areas to offer a mildly weathered appeal, adding presence and dimension to what could have been a flat look. Please contact us via phone at 1-800-237-7470 or email to select this option.

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