Glass Block Installation Accessories

There are two installation methods to consider when installing your glass blocks.  The traditional mortar system and the new ProVantage glass block installation system
ProVantage System Mortar System
Available for Premiere Blocks (Decora and IceScapes Styles) ONLY
Available for both Thinline and Premiere Blocks (all styles)
The ProVantage glass block installation system uses spacers to align and hold the block in place and silicone to bond the spacer to the blocks.  The consistent, even-spaced joints are then finished with a special tile grout resulting in a clean, smooth, professional installation.
The traditional mortar installation system uses joint spacers and glass block mortar to produce clean, consistent 1/4" joints and a traditional grid look. Use in conjunction with reinforcement wire and panel anchors to secure your application.

Provantage glass block installation system

Pittsburgh Corning Provantage

Glass block mortar installation

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