ProVantage Glass Block Installation FAQ

  Can I use any tile grout with the ProVantage glass block system?
    No.  You must use ProVantage Glass Block Surface Grout, which has been specially formulated for use with the system.
  Can I use any silicone sealant with the ProVantage spacers?
    No. Pittsburgh Corning glass block sealant has been specially formulated for use with the ProVantage installation system.  It has the necessary tooling time and is compatible with both vinyl and glass.
  How big of a panel can I build with the ProVantage Glass Block Installation System?
    Interior panels must be no larger than 85 sq ft and framed on at least three sides, with the unfinished sides no larger than 8 feet.  Exterior panels must be no larger than 50 sq ft and framed on all four sides.
  Can I build the panel and grout the joints in the same day?
    No,  the silicone must cure overnight before applying the grout.
  Can I use either silicone or tile grout to finish the joints of my glass block panel?
    Panels built with the ProVantage system and have at least 3-sided support can be completed by finishing the joints with either silicone or surface grout.  However, glass block panels that have less than 3-sided support should be complete by finishing the joints with surface grout only.
  Can I install Pittsburgh Corning Thinline blocks using the ProVantage system?
    No.  The ProVantage Glass Block Installation System is designed for use with only Pittsburgh Corning Premiere Series (4" thick) glass block.
  Can glass block other than Pittsburgh Corning block be used with the ProVantage system?
    The ProVantage system was designed and tested exclusively for use with Pittsburgh Corning block.  Dimensional characteristics and product composition of other glass blocks my prove incompatible.
  The vertical spacers are precut for 8" high blocks, what do I use for block  heights of 6" or 12"
    Vertical spacers for other than 8" high block can be created by straight cutting a piece of horizontal spacer to fit the appropriate height.

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