Glass Block Shower Kits


We offer four glass block shower kits featuring Pittsburgh Corning glass block. For timeless beauty and ease of maintenance Pittsburgh Corning showers can't be beat.

(All glass block shower kits use Premiere Blocks - 4" Thick)
Installation Instructions

Glass Block Shower Kit - Walk In

The Walk-In Glass Block Shower

Step out of the ordinary and step into the beautiful Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block Walk-In Shower. A dramatic addition to any bathroom, the Walk-In Shower adds a level of elegance and luxury. A truly astounding glass block shower design!

Glass Block Shower Kit - Classic

The Standard Fit Glass Block Shower

This easy to install straight forward shower design offers elegent simplicity at it's finest. It's compact size makes this shower unit perfect for almost any bathroom. The rounded corner Endblocks on the top two rows make for a soft finsh when compared with standard square glass blocks.

Glass Block Shower Kit - Classic

The Classic Glass Block Shower

Classic is not a word to be used lightly. A classic fits anywhere. A classic has lasting beauty. And it's the perfect choice to brighten up any bathroom. The Pittsburgh Corning Classic Glass Block Shower design brings the crystalline beauty of glass block to a timeless bathroom design.

Glass Block Shower Kit - Neo Angle

The Neo Angle Glass Block Shower

Neo, of course, means new. And Glass Block Showers from Pittsburgh Corning definitely give you a new twist in updating ordinary bathroom design. Designed to brighten up nearly any corner, a Neo Angle Shower could be the perfect choice to give a small bathroom a new look.

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