Instructions for Installing 3' Level Picket Fence


Guide Lines To Follow Before Installing Fairway Boxed Fence
Before you begin we suggest you contact your local utility company to check for under ground utilities. Also check with local building authorities for any necessary building permits and to verify and all codes. If you are installing a fence along a property line it is suggested that the homeowner have the property surveyed.

When laying out your fence please remember that all posts will require concrete around the outside base and all end posts must be filled inside with rebar and concrete. All end posts must have at least two pieces of 1/2 inch rebar installed inside opposite corners of the post and will need to be filled complete with concrete.

After removing the Fairway Boxed Fence from the carton place on a non-abrasive surface to avoid scratches.

Tools Required for Installation
1. Post Hole digger or power auger. A minimum of a 10" auger will be required
2. String Line
3. String Level
4. Level 36" or longer
5. Shovel
6. Hoe
7. Wheelbarrow
8. Tape Measure
9. Hacksaw, Circular Saw or Chop Saw
10. Spray paint for marking post locations
11. Concrete mix and gravel
12. Garden Hose
13. Leveling blocks
14. Duct tape to seal rail ends
15. PVC Cement

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