Instructions for Installing 6' Privacy Fence

1. Stake out the fence line
2. Space and mark the postholes
3. Standard spacing will be 64 3/8" between the inside surface of the posts.
4. Example: Post--------64 3/8"--------Post
5. Dig the holes for the posts at least 30" deep or below the frost line in your area.
6. When using a 5" x 5" post you will need a 12" diameter hole.
7. The spacing between the surfaces of the post should be 64 3/8".
8. If installing on an incline, measure 64 3/8" on a level plane and then plum down to establish the post location.
9. To mark the posts for shorter than standard sections measure the sum of the planks needed and add 1/16" to establish the facing surfaces of the posts.
10. Place the post into the hole along with 4" of dirt or gravel, square and plum the post.
11. Note - if starting with an end post tape the ends of the rails. This will prevent the rails from filling with concrete as every end post is later reinforced with concrete and rebar.
12. All posts should be installed with the bottom rails in place before installing planks and top rail.
13. Begin assembling the fence by inserting the bottom rail into the first post.
14. The bottom rail must be inserted past the center of the first post to allow insertion of the rail into the second post.
15. Insert the second post into the hole, square and plum it.
16. Now insert the other end of the rail into the second post.
17. Continue to install the posts and rails until all posts are secured in concrete.
18. The fence may need to be supported until the concrete sets.
19. Set blocks or boards under the bottom rails until the concrete sets.
20. Once all posts are set, go back to where your first post was installed and insert the middle rail.
21. Begin to slide the 1" x 8" T&G planks into the slots of the 2" x 6-1/2" slotted rails.
22. Both ends of the rails are crimped and should now be snapped into place.
23. Follow these instructions until all sections are complete.
24. It is now time to place the rebar into the end posts and fill with concrete.
25. The final step is to install your post caps. Placing a small amount of PVC cement on the caps and installing on the posts will complete the job.

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