Acrylic Block Product Information
Basic Information for Acrylic Block Products:
  • Lightweight: Hy-lite acrylic block panels and windows are a strong alternative to traditional glass block construction. Made of lightweight acrylic, the blocks are pre-assembled into panels or complete window units for precision installation. Because the blocks are over 70% lighter than conventional glass block, it allows them to be used virtually anywhere, with little chance of the blocks sagging or caulk lines cracking over time.
  • Efficient: When it comes to energy efficiency, Hy-Lite acrylic block is more energy efficient than traditional glass block and provides the same thermal performance as high quality, double insulated glass windows.
  • Sizing Specifications: A wide variety of standard sizes and configurations of block panels are available to work in almost all applications including: fixed vinyl windows, and fixed aluminum windows.
  • Fixed and Operable Units: Acrylic block windows are available in a variety of styles. Those with vinyl frames are available in fixed window units, casement, awning and hopper units. Those with aluminum frames are available in fixed round top, arch top, diamond block, octagon, sidelites / transoms and fixed wall units.
  • Cleaning Precautions: In normal conditions, simply wash with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, or a quality plastic cleaner. Avoid cleaners that could scratch the acrylic surface. See cleaning section below.
  • Blocks are made of high-quality, scratch-resistant durable acrylic.
  • Airtight blocks are hermetically sealed to help prevent condensation.
  • Hy-Lite blocks are over 70% lighter than glass block making the window easier to work with.
  • Window units offer similar thermal benefits to traditional, dual-glazed units.
  • Safety glazing approved and AAMA certified for use in Wind Zones II and III.
  • Pre-assembled into complete units by rugged polymer clips permanently sealed into caulking channels.
  • Lightweight blocks won't sag or cause caulk lines to crack.
  • Pre-caulked at the factory with exclusive, fade-resistant synthetic caulking compound.
  • Installs like traditional new construction units.
  • High quality durable acrylic blocks stand up against harsh weather conditions and resist discoloration and scratching.
  • Hermetically sealed to help prevent condensation.
  • Used in window applications, Hy-Lite block units offer similar structural and thermal benefits as traditional, dual-glazed window units.
Installation Instructions:

Job Site Precautions
Your Hy-Lite product will arrive to the job site as a complete, factory assembled unit with a protective cover applied to both sides to protect it during the normal course of construction. Leave this protective covering in place until all painting and finishing is complete. New construction applications and renovations frequently require that glazing, surrounding sash and wall finish be cleaned of any excess mortar, paint, sealants, primers or other construction compounds. Only recommended cleaners should be used on Hy-Lite products. Contact with harsh solvents can result in surface degradation and crazing of the product. Do not use diesel fuel or other petroleum based chemicals as a stucco release.

New construction units come preassembled and caulked for quick installation. Integral nailing fins and a variety of accessory options make quick work for any job.

General Conditions:

  • Install plumb, level and square. See that perimeter frame members are not twisted during or after installation.
  • Nailing fins are designed only for attaching to structure and are not intended as adequate flashing. Interfacing wall materials should be flashed and or sealed around the full perimeter of the frame to provide a weather resistant wall. Hy-Lite recommends flashing and caulking procedures as per your local building codes.
  • WARNING: Protect all frame and block surfaces from plaster, mortar, concrete, paint and construction material. Remove such materials by following Hy-Lite's "care and cleaning" guidelines and avoid the use of tools that may scratch the block surface.
  • The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the consequences of inadequate or improper installation or lack of care and protection of the installed product.

While Installing:

  • Level and nail off sill with 6d or larger galvanized or other corrosion-resistant fasteners only (placed 12 inches on centers).
  • Adjust perimeter frame to jambs to obtain a uniform margin before nailing off. Shim under nailing fin if necessary to maintain a consistent plane.
  • Complete securing of frame by nailing off jambs and head as instructed in Steps 1 and 2.
  • Check sills of large windows to see that they are adequately supported. Block if required.

In normal conditions, simply wash with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, or a quality plastic cleaner. Use a clean sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching and always rinse well with water. Furniture polish, such as Pledge, may be used after cleaning to add sparkle and to make future cleaning easier.

  • When selecting cleaning products, read the manufacturers' label to ensure that the product is safe for use on acrylic. Several popular cleaning products contain chemicals that will, over time, cause cracks in the acrylic blocks over time.
  • DO NOT use tile cleaners, or abrasive cleaners such as Tilex, or SoftScrub.
  • DO NOT use benzene, acetone, gasoline, paint thinner, or any product containing isopropyl alcohol.
  • DO NOT use petroleum-based products.
  • DO NOT scrub or use brushes.
  • Avoid cleaning in hot sun or at elevated temperatures.

Hy-Lite cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from improper cleaning and maintenance. The use of cleaners unapproved for use on acrylic will void any Hy-Lite warranty.

Approved Cleaners
Cleaners NOT Approved
Clorox Clean Up American Fair
Fantastik Clean Shower
Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner Comet Bathroom
Scrubbing Bubbles Lysol Brand Basin Tub and Tile
Shower Shine - Scrubbing Bubbles Lysol Brand Daily Shower Cleaner
Windex Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover
  Spot Shot Shower Solution
  The Works
All Hy-Lite acrylic block, panels, windows and hardware components are backed by a 10-year warranty. The comprehensive coverage includes block and caulk discoloration and seal failure, panel and window frame workmanship and total unit deterioration under normal weather conditions.
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