Window headers are great in both vinyl and fypon
Window Headers

Window and door trim can transform an ordinary home to an extraordinary home. Fypon's low-maintenance urethane crossheads and window pediments are offered in a variety of style and sizes to fit any home's architectural style. Vinyl window headers and sunburst will never need painted and are available in the industry's most popular colors to match our vinyl shutters and door surrounds, creating an unified look.
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Vinyl Window Headers
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Window toppers like the traditional window header and sunburst add distinction to your home.  Use window headers in conjunction with door surrounds to give your home the ultimate in curb appeal.  Consider your home's architecture and your personal taste when selecting your style.


Our vinyl window headers include the traditional style over-window mantel, the upscale sunburst window and door header and the classic sunburst header.  Vinyl window headers are purely decorative.  These toppers come in a variety of colors to accent or blend with your window trim color.  Choose between molded-through colors or choose paint ready units if you want to paint them a custom color.  The 8 avilable window header colors match our vinyl shutters, door surrounds, and gable vents in order to give you a unified style and look.  Vinyl window toppers are easy to install with the use of the patented snap installation feature.  Simply hold the topper against the wall above your window, drill through the nailing slots to attach the back plate to the wall, then snap the front tray into place.  The result is a professional finish.


Fypon Millwork provides a more extensive line of urethane window headers and sunbursts.  Choose from the classic window header in several heights and sizes, or a more decorative header such as an arched crosshead or segment.  To add even more distinction to your windows add an optional keystone to your crosshead.  Fypon's urethane sunburst pediments add drama with their size.  Available in several designs ranging from half round, sunburst segment, elliptical pediment, to the unique peaked sunburst.  Fypon urethane window headers are rigid and a great alternative to wood because they will not rot, splinter or peel, and are insect resistant.  Window crossheads are available in matching styles to our Fypon door surround crossheads.