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VELUX offers a complete system for bringing daylight into virtually every space of your home.  Our residential skylights include a full selection of nonventing skylights, venting skylights, curb mounted skylights, and tubular skylights; all in a variety of skylight sizes.  Skylights can visually enhance a room while adding value, curb-appeal, and comfort to your home.
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About Our Skylights

VELUX skylights and sun tunnel tubular skylights can transform any space with the addition of natural light and fresh air. Roof skylights can provide up to 30% more light than vertical windows, making a room look more spacious, brighter and lighter.  We offer all VELUX skylight models, including the fabulous electrical venting skylight.  Each model is available in several sizes.  We also offer a number of skylight blinds and shades for each model. The blinds are offered in a few color choices and look the same regardless of whether you choose Blackout or Light Blocking. The blinds are also offered in your choice of manual, electric (for the VSE or VCE models only) or Solar powered. Manual blinds will require an extension rod if your skylight is out of reach. Both the electric and Solar blinds operate via an included remote control.  VELUX skylights can be installed on any type of roof with the appropriate flashing kit. We always recommend the use of the official Velux Flashing as any thing else will void your warranty.


Venting Skylights

The VELUX electric venting skylight is the ultimate option.  It's the optimal roof skylight system for convenient control of ventilation, heat gain and light control in the room.  All VSE skylights come with one remote control to control both opening of the skylight and blinds.  A manual venting skylight is also great for allowing the maximum amount of ventilation into your home.  Venting skylights are great for contributing to a home's proper moisture balance and comfort level by allowing stale and humid air to be released.


Non-Venting Skylightss

VELUX also offers fixed, non-venting skylights which gives homeowners an economical way of allowing sunlight into their home.  Fixed skylights are perfect for adding sunlight to closed-in, dark spaces.  Skylights in general helps capture natural light and can visually enlarge any room.


Solar Powered Skylights

Newly introduced in 2013, the Solar Powered skylights are a huge hit. No longer must you include an electrian to wire your electircally opening skylight. The solor powered units are installed exactly the same way as a standard fixed skylight. But thanks to the small solar panel attached to the unit, and the handy remote control, you have a fully vented unit without the hassle of wiring.


Sun Tunnels & Solar Tubes

For smaller areas like  hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms and walkin closets VELUX offers a tubular skylights called a Sun Tunnel, or Solar Tube.  We differentiate the two based on the tubing used. If it is a flexible tube we categorize it as a Sun Tunnel. The rigid tubes are listed as Solar Tubes. A rigid tube will produce more light by reflecting natural light off its smooth metallic surface, whereas the flexible tube is great for attic space where obstructions exist. In addition, Velux has introduced a Flat Roof Solar Tube, and a Glass Lens Low Profile Solar Tube to their outstanding line up of tubular skylights.


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