VELUX Sun Tunnel - Rigid - Glass Lens (TCR) 14"

Velux TCR Sun Tunnel Velux Skylights

The TCR Sun Tunnel is curb mounted
which allows it to be installed on either
a flat or low sloped roof (less than 3/12)

Kit includes 48" of rigid tubing
(42" usable, 6" recessed in flashing)

Maximum tube length of
20' for best performance


Model TCR meets ENERGY STARŪ approval guidelines for energy efficiency
in all climatic regions of the US.
Specs for TCR Sun Tunnel
Inside Curb
16.75" x 16.75"
Rough Opening (ceiling)
Daylight Area
137.82 sq in.
Net Weight
32 lbs
Velux Model # TCR-014-0000
14" Sun Tunnel - Curb Mounted for installation on Flat or Low Sloped Roofs
Starting at:
Required Roof Pitch
Velux Sun Tunnel Model #TCR
Acrylic Dome:
Extra Tubing:
(More Info)
(More Info)
Installation instructions for the curb mounted sun tunnel are available here.
Package includes all of the materials needed for standard installation, as listed below.
(Dome assembly, 48" of rigid tube, two adjustable elbows, dual frosted ceiling assembly)

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