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Sun Tunnels, also known as flexible tunnel skylights, are a great solution for installations where a straight, rigid tube won’t work. When there are obstacles in the way or the lens placements will be unaligned, the flexible sun tube offers the easiest installation.
Velux Sun Tunnels are rated ENERGY STAR® approved
for energy efficiency in all climatic regions of the US

Why You Should Consider Sun Tunnel Skylights by Velux:

  • Faster, easier, and more "forgiving" installation than rigid tubes.
  • Flexible sun tubes as long as 10 feet (12 feet on the 21" TGF model).
  • Low Profile TGF model is offered in a 21" diameter size as well as 14".
  • Pitched TMF model can be installed on any roof side
  • Adding a light kit turns your sun tunnel into a functional light at night.
  • Complete roof-to-ceiling solutions that typically install in less than two hours.
  • 10 Year Warranty - click here for info
  • Double lens & gasket provide even light distribution.

Our Sun Tunnel Skylights
Why a Flexible Sun Tunnel? Easiest Installation, Bendable Around Obstacles, Larger Diameters
Pitched Flashing - TMF model Low Profile Flashing - TGF model
Starting at: $435.00 Starting at: $440.00
Sun Tunnel - Flexible Tube - Pitched Flashing Sun Tunnel - Flexible Tube - Low Profile
Minimum 3/12 Roof Pitch - Fine for any roof side Minimum 3/12 Roof Pitch - Best on Southern Roof Side
14" Round Available 14" and 21" Round Available
Acrylic or Impact Dome Both sizes offered in Acrylic or Impact Dome
Works on Shingle or Shake Roof Works on Shingle or Shake Roof
Buy Sun Tunnels Here Buy Sun Tunnels Here
Solar Tube - Straight Installation If your attic space is open and can offer a straight (or nearly straight) line for installation you may want to consider our Ridge Tube Skylights. Rigid tubes are more reflective, thereby offering more natural daylight to enter into the room.

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Solar Tube Skylights - 4 Styles to Choose From

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