VELUX Skylight Blinds

Please note - All of the blinds shown below and available for sale on our site will work with the 2010 and later Velux skylight models only. If you are looking for blinds for an older Velux skylight please call us at 800-237-7470 with your model and serial number to see what is available for your particual skylight. Please note that there is limited availablity

Where do I find my model and serial number?

A variety of Velux skylight blinds are available depending on the model and size you select.  For many models you will have your choice of solar powered or manually operated blinds. Electric (wired) blinds are used for the VSE and VCE models only. When using manually controlled blinds you may need to consider a telescopic rod for operating blinds that are out-of-reach. Solar powered blinds offer the ease of remote-control operation without the need for electrical wiring. This makes solar blinds the #1 choice for all non-electrically wired skylights. 

room darkening skylight blind
Room Darkening Blinds
  • Available in White or Beige shown here
  • Solor or Manual operating
  • Blocks out sunlight.
  • Double Pleated for maximum blockage

Available for most skylight models
light filtering skylight blind
Light Filtering Blinds
  • Available in White or Sand shown here
  • Solor or Manual operating
  • Diffuses sunlight
  • Single Pleated to allow some light through

Available for most skylight models

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