Skylight and Sun Tunnel Information
Basic Information:
  • Leakproof: Today, as for over 60 years, VELUX skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels are built to be leakproof. Like water off a duck's back, VELUX flashing systems are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time.
  • The VELUX Promise: When you decide to use VELUX roof windows or skylights, you are assured that our dedication to providing exemplary products and services will not end with the completion of that project. Or the next. VELUX stands behind their products with a promise of lasting service. Their warranty covers 20 years on insulated glass seal, 10 years on the skylight or Sun Tunnel, and 5 years on blinds, controls and electronics.
  • VELUX Tempered and Laminated glazings: Offer three times more protection against solar heat gain. Resists condensation twice as long as clear glass. Protects interiors by reflecting the vast majority of the sun's fade-causing rays.
Flashing Systems:
VELUX offers a variety of flashing systems to work with almost any roofing material. Click here to determine which flashing is right for you.
The addition of blinds can add comfort by controlling light and temperature levels. Blinds provide an energy efficient solution for privacy, glare reduction from direct sunlight, room darkening and reduction of heat gain or loss. Blinds can be operated by control rods or electric controls. Click here to review the available blind styles.
Glass Glazing Options:
VELUX utilizes the latest technology in producing their own insulated glass to ensure that it meets the highest efficiency standards. Both Tempered (formerly called Comfort Glass)  and Laminated (formerly called ComfortPlus Glazing)  ensure that VELUX products provide unparalleled protection against heat gain and heat loss, fading and condensation. Both glasses are also superior to plastic because they are more energy efficient, more durable, and reduce external noises (rain). Also, unlike plastic they will not discolor, leak or allow drafts.
Click here for more information about Tempered and Laminated Glass.
Click your specific model below:

VSE (Venting Electric - Deck Mount)/ VS (Venting Manual - Deck Mount)
FS (Fixed - Deck Mount)
FCM (Fixed - Curb Mount)
GPL (Roof Window) / GDL (Roof Balcony)
Solar Tubes (Rigid) & Sun Tunnels (Flexible)
Installation Instructions:
Click on the links below to view installation instructions in PDF Format.
Velux Skylight Models:
Solar Tube Skylights: (Rigid)
TRM / TGR (Rigid Solar Tubes - Pitched & Low Profile)
TLR (Rigid Solar Tube - Glass Lens)
TCR (Rigid Solar Tube - Flat Roof)
Light Kit (Makes the unit usable at night)
Flashing for Velux Skylights:
EDL Step Flashing for VSE, VS, FS
EDW High Profile for VSE, VS, FS
EDM Metal Roof for VSE, VS, FS
Sun Tunnel Skylights: (Flexible)
TGF / TMF (Flexible Sun Tunnel - Pitched & Low Profile)
Light Kit (Makes the unit usable at night)
Click here to view the Velux warranty brochure in PDF format. (148 kb)
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