Louvers and gable vents make a beautiful addition to your home's exterior.  Typically gable vents are used to ventilate attic spaces, but they can be used for decorative purposes also.  Select from vinyl gable vents or Fypon urethane gable vents in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Gable Vents

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Designed to be both beautiful and functional, gable vents (also known as louvers) have been an useful design accent for centuries. Fypon offers two basic urethane styles: functional (venting) and decorative (non-venting), in a multitude of shapes to fit most architectural styles. Other options include maintenance-free vinyl gable vents. These gable vents add ventilation and are available in the industry's most popular colors to match our vinyl shutters.
Fypon Gable Vents Vinyl Louvers
Fypon Louvers Vinyl Gable Vents

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Traditionally, gable vents were found only on the side-ends of the home and out of view.  Today's style of angular architecture uses vents more prominently on the front of homes.  Gable vents, also refereed to as louvers, add both a decorative element to a home's exterior as well as practical ventilation.


Vinyl gable vents are available in popular color choices.  Available in a variety of louver styles and sizes.  Choose from round top, half round, triangular, octagon, diamond, round, square and rectangular shapes.  Vinyl gable vents can easily be used on all types of siding including: wood, vinyl, aluminum, and stucco.  Our vinyl gable vents offer the installer a big advantage over other gable vent products with its patented snap-on finishing ring.  The finishing ring eliminates the need for j-channeling and caulking and can be used as a template for cutting the hole in the wall.  Siding can butt directly up against the edge of the gable vent because the ring will cover any rough edges.  All louvers come with screening to protect against insects.


Fypon louvers and gable vents are commonly recommended in architectural drawings.  Fypon offers an extensive inventory of gable vent styles and sizes.  Fypon gable vents gives the option of either functional louvers (venting) or nonfunctional decorative louvers (nonventing).  Built with the traditional Fypon rigid urethane to protect against moisture and insects.  Add architectural interest with the addition of decorative louvers such as those with attached keystones or in unique shapes like eyebrow, horizontal ovals and peaked designs.