Velux Venting Skylights

VELUX venting skylights bring the best of the outdoors indoors by allowing both natural light and fresh air to flow into your room.  Venting skylights are designed for both in-reach and out-of-reach applications and are available in 10 sizes. Please check out our VELUX Skylight Controls page for crank handles, control rods and remote control options along with helpful information about flashing units and sunscreening options.  If you do not want to be bothered with manual operation consider the most convenient option in the industry, the VELUX Solar Skylight.  The solar venting skylights are installed without the need for an electrician and are operated by remote control. We also offer roof windows. Below are our venting skylight options:

Solar Venting Skylights
Solar Venting Skylights by Velux

  • The "Cadillac" of all venting "Fresh Air" skylights includes...
  • RF Remote Control for easy operation anywhere
  • Insect Screen to keep the bugs outside where they belong
  • Auto-closing rain sensors for your total peace of mind
  • A White Finsihed Interior Wood Frame

Electric Venting Skylights
velux vse electric venting skylight
  • Remote Control
  • Insect Screen
  • Auto-closing rain sensors
  • Connects to standard junction box
  • White Interior Wood Frame

VELUX Electric Curb Mounted Skylight
  • Perfect for Flat Roofs, includes...
  • Remote Control
  • Insect Screen
  • Auto-closing rain sensors
  • White Interior Frame & Sash
 Manual Venting Skylights
VELUX Manual Venting Skylight
  • Manual opening and closing
  • Requires pole for out-of-reach
  • Requires crank handle for in-reach
  • Solar powered blinds available
VELUX Manual Venting Curb Mounted Skylight
  • Simple, weather-tight installation
  • Manually controlled
  • Telescopic rod for out of reach
  • Crank handle when in reach
Manual Venting Egress Roof Windows
VELUX Top Hinged Roof Window
  • Opens 45 degrees to satisfy Egress requirements for emergency escape
  • When roof window is closed a ventilation flap can be opened
VELUX Balcony Roof Window

Balcony Roof Window
(Model GDL)

  • Top sash opens for maximum ventilation and easy glass cleaning
  • Bottom sash opens outward to actually create a roof balcony

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