Lightweight Hy-Lite acrylic block windows are available in a full line of fixed and operable units.  Acrylic blocks can also be used for partitions.
Acrylic Block Products by U.S. Block

Our block windows and panels are made of lightweight acrylic. The blocks are pre-assembled into complete window units for precision installation. Our full line includes acrylic block operable and fixed windows. Acrylic window block has the traditional beauty of glass block without the excessive weight or time-intensive installation.
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Acrylic Block Windows
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Acrylic Block Windows from Accent Building Products

Hy-lite acrylic block windows and panels are a strong alternative to the traditional glass block construction.  Made of lightweight acrylic, the blocks are pre-assembled into panels or complete window units for precision installation.  Because the acrylic blocks are over 70% lighter than conventional glass block, it allows them to be used virtually anywhere, with little change of the blocks sagging or caulk lines cracking over time.  When it comes to energy efficiency, Hy-lite acrylic blocks are more energy efficient than traditional glass block and provides the same thermal performance as high quality, double insulated glass windows.  Acrylic block windows are available in a variety of styles and sizes.


Hy-lite offers many styles of windows to suit your needs.  In the vinyl framed window category choose from a fixed square or rectangular window, casement window, awning window or hopper window.  A hopper window is ideal for basement applications.  The casement, awning and hopper window options are operable.  Vinyl framed acrylic block windows are available in either a white or tan framing and come with a vinyl nail fin.  Select from three block styles, Clear Wave, Glacier, or Clear Cross Rib.  All provide some level of privacy.


With the addition of some accessories like a flat cap you can configure acrylic block wall panels to create partition or accent walls.

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