Fypon Window Crossheads

Fypon Crossheads and Window Headers Enhance the architectural style and curb appeal of your home with window crossheads.  We offer a wide range of crosshead styles and sizes to complement almost any type of home. Crossheads, or window headers, are traditionally used for accenting the exterior of the home, however they can also be used in conjuntion with decorative moldings to accent interior doorways and openings. Enhance architectural style with Fypon window headers and door surrounds.


Optional keystones are available to create a more decorative look.
Crosshead Keystones
6" Window Crosshead
9" Window Crosshead
10" Window Crosshead
6" Fypon Window Crosshead
9" Fypon Window Crosshead
8" & 10" Fypon Crossheads
12" Window Crosshead
12" Fypon Window Crosshead
Window Crosshead
6" Window Crosshead
Arch Solid
9" Window Crosshead
Arch Solid
Fypon Window Crosshead Segment
6" Fypon Window Crosshead Arch Solid
9" Fypon Window Crosshead Arch Solid

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