Glass Block Installation Accessories

There are two installation methods to consider when installing your glass blocks.
The traditional mortar system and the non-mortor modulure system
Non-Mortor Modulure System Mortar System
Available only for 4" Thick Blocks
Available for both 3" & 4" Thick Blocks
The non-mortor glass block installation system uses spacers to align and hold the block in place and silicone to bond the spacer to the blocks.  The consistent, even-spaced joints are then finished with a special tile grout resulting in a clean, smooth, professional installation.
The traditional mortar installation system uses joint spacers and glass block mortar to produce clean, consistent 1/4" joints and a traditional grid look. Use in conjunction with reinforcement wire and panel anchors to secure your application.

non-mortor glass block installation system

mortor free installation

Glass block mortar installation

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