Glass Block Installation - Mortar Accessories

For use with both Thinline (3" thick) and Premiere Series (4" thick) blocks

Mortar Systems with Spacers:
Installing glass block products with mortar gives you great potential: curves, multi-story expanses, exterior and interior applications, shower enclosures and more. The details in the figures below show you two ways to complete the do it yourself installation with success.

Download detailed installation instructions (PDF)

Mortar I System is for panels 25 square feet or less which are enclosed on all four sides by perimeter channels - perfect for a DIY glass block installation. Mortar II System is for panels larger than 25 square feet or for panels not supported on all four sides. This system uses panel reinforcing and panel anchors to tie the block together and to the surrounding structure.
We also offer the ProVantage glass block installation system
using silicone and spacers.


Mortar I System
For Applications 25 Sq Ft or less.
Easy to use and ideal for do-it-yourself mortar applications because the channel helps keep the wall/panel level and plumb. If your application is larger than 25 sq ft you can use this method by adding panel anchors and reinforcing wire.

Glass Block Mortar Installation

Mortar II System
For Applications larger than 25 Sq Ft

Glass Block Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories
for Mortar I System or Mortar II System


Qty (piece)
Glass Block Reinforcing Wire
Reinforcing Wire is used for panels over 25 sq ft in area. Embed horizontally in the mortar joints between every other course.
Reinforcing Galvanized Wire
(2 - 5' pieces)
Glass Block Panel Anchors
Panel Anchors are used to tie glass blocks panels into the surrounding framework.
Galvanized Panel Anchors
(24" x 2")
Glass Block Expansion Strips
Expansion Strips made of white polyethylene, are inserted at the head and/or jambs depending on the application. The strips replace mortar at these points to cushion the glass block and allow the panel to expand and contract freely.
Expansion Strips
  50ft Roll
4-1/4" x 3/8"
Glass Block Spacers Block Spacers are one-piece, all plastic spacers that speeds
construction, assures uniform placement and helps keep panel flush. Select either Premiere or Thinline based on your block size.
Premiere (4" Thick) Glass Block Spacers
(25 per bag)
Thinline (3" Thick) Glass Block Spacers
(25 per bag)
(For Use with 4" thick Premiere blocks)
click here to see chart
Premiere Radius Spacers
(1/8" x 5/8" - 25 per bag)
Asphault Emulsion (1 gallon)
Will complete approximately 25 - 30 blocks
Premixed Mortar
(50 lbs)
Pastry Bag 24"
(use to dispense mortar)

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