Glass Block Walls


Unlike preassembled windows and panels glass block walls should be built on site using individual blocks and installation accessories. This is partly based on shipping limitations as well as the need to properly anchor the wall section to insure stability. Fortunately, when building your glass block wall, your only limitations are free space and imagination.


Whether you choose 3" thick or 4" thick glass blocks, an interior wall is a great way to break up a room; providing privacy while delivering light. Accent Building Products has the specialty glass blocks - to create an angle, corner, or radius) as well as end blocks, end curves, glass caps, and all of the installation materials needed (see below).


If the speed and simplicity of a preassembled wall is what you need you may want to consider the option of an Acrylic Block Wall. Being lighter in weight and fully surrounded by an aluminum frame, these piece are easily shipped, easily installed, and easily enjoyed.

glass block wall
Decora Glass Block Icescapes Glass Blocks Delphi Glass Block   Spyra Glass Blocks Icescapes Glass Block Argus Glass Block
(3" Thick - Value Line)
(4" Thick - Professional Line)
starting at $9,999.99 per block
starting at $9,999.99 per block
Specialty Glass Blocks and Glass Block Caps
Individual Glass Block Installation Instructions
Ends, Corners, Radius, and Caps
For Building Walls and Panels

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