Mantel and Mantel Shelf Product Information
Basic Information:
  • Wood Choices: MDF (paint only ), Birch or Oak wood (stain or paint).
  • Finishing: Mantels will ship unfinished unless a finish is selected. We offer painting in White or Black. 6 Minwax Water Based stains are offered; White Oak, Colonial Pine, Rose Wood, English Oak, Vermont Maple, and American Walnut, shown below.
  • Manufacturer: WinterBrand Mantels and Shelves is a private label company, owned and operated by Accent Building Products.

Wood Types:
Our mantels and shelves are available in MDF, Birch and Oak.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard): MDF is made from wood fibers and is a great low cost alternative wood. Its hard surface resist dents and scratches and its low cost will save you money on your painted applications. Paintable only.

Birch: Our birch mantels and shelves are made of clear birch wood with clear white pine moldings that can be either painted or stained.

Oak: Oak mantels and shelves are made with clear red oak wood and red oak moldings, these can also be either painted or stained.

Wood Choices:


mantel stain colors

Measuring Guidelines:
Most companies require mantel measurements to be 1/2" less for the inside opening width and opening height than the facing material. However, our inside width and height measurements are without the pre-cut scribe molding to fit the inside of the mantel. Once this is applied to the inside of the mantel, it overlaps the facing material for a finished look.

Please follow the measuring guidelines below to ensure that the mantel you are ordering will fit your application.
Click on one of the following:
Measuring Mantels
Measuring Shelves and Shelf Specifications
Installation FAQ:
Q: Will I need any other items to install my mantel or shelf?
A: Shelves come with all materials needed to install, however you will need fasteners. Either nails or screws will work. Mantels also require fasteners.
Q: Are shelf brackets included with all shelves?
A: No. All shelves come with a mounting board.
Installation Instructions:
Click on one of the following:
Mantel Installation Instructions
Shelf Installation Instructions
Finishing Instructions:
Click here for instructions on how to apply a stain, paint or polyurethane finish.

On occasion there may be shipping damage to the mantel or shelf. All damages need to be reported within 48 hours of delivery. Accent Building Products will not assume liability for any items that have been in the customers possession for longer than 48 hours. If damage is evident during delivery please refuse the shipment and contact us right away.

When damage is reported in a timely manner it will result in 1 of 3 actions; If a replacement part can be sent to fix the mantel, and this is ok with the customer, we will do so. We may have the mantel picked up, brought back to us for repair, and then shipped back to you. If the damage is extensive the entire mantel will be replaced.

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