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Elegant yet affordable. The Select Series mantels offer style with more body than our Value Series Mantels. Most of the leg widths and breast heights are larger than the Value Series. The Select Series mantels are available in MDF, Birch and Oak. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is made from wood fibers and is a great low cost alternative wood. Its hard surface resists dents and scratches and its low cost will save you money on your painted applications. Our birch mantels are made of clear birch wood with clear white pine moldings that can be either painted or stained. Oak mantels are made with clear red oak wood and red oak moldings, which are also either paintable or stainable.

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Please review the finished mantel dimensions carefully. Once an order is placed we typically have only 48 hours to make any changes before any cutting has begun. Also, keep in mind that mantels, because they are all sized specially and made to order, are not considered returnable.
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