Post Options

Vinyl Railing Post Options
(A) Vinyl Post Sleeves:
Can be cut to your desired height. Can be used over a standard 4" x 4" or with our structural post (C)
(B) Vinyl Newel Post:
Must be used with our structural post (C).
(C) Standard Structural Post:
Used as the insert for vinyl post sleeves and newel posts. Made primarily for concrete application. When fastening to a wood sub-straight, a joist bracket is recommended. When using with a newel post simply slide the top block off the structural post, slide the newel post down over the structural post, then put the top block back onto the structural post. Both top and bottom blocks are adjustable.
(D) Leveling Structural Post:
Used as the insert for vinyl post sleeves and newel posts, as mentioned above. However, the leveling structural post allows you to "level" the post on an unlevel or uneven surface by adjusting the plates at the bottom of the post (show in image D). Adjusts up to 5°.
(E) Joist Bracket (for 4"x4" structural post):
A joist bracket is recommended when fastening a structural post to a wood sub-straight (ie deck installations). Choose between a joist bracket for the Standard Structural Post or for the Leveling Structural Post.
(F) Vinyl Post Wrap:
For a maintenance free alternative to plain lumber try our Vinyl Post Wrap. This post system consists of four vinyl sections designed to decorate and protect the wood with virtually no maintenance. Our system fastens to the post simply by overlapping the vinyl. For a sturdy construction we suggest using OSI adhesive or a comparable silicone adhesive substitute ideal for PVC products.

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