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Measuring For Your Entrance System:
When ordering door trim, first measure the door unit to be trimmed. The unit can be measured with or without Brickmould, though Brickmould is essential when using a storm door. Next choose the desired Header and Pilasters. For the example shown, we are retaining the Brickmould and selecting 7" fluted Pilasters and a 54" crosshead. (Door width, plus Brickmould, plus the set of pilasters equals the overall width of 54")

To determine the required height of the Pilasters, measure the distance from the landing or porch floor to the top of the door, including brickmoulding if applicable. Be sure to include the height of any transom or over-the-door window. Pilasters can be trimmed for height.

Note: It is architecturally acceptable to install Crossheads slightly wider than the opening as long as the overhang is even on both sides.

How To Order:

Step 1: Select Your Pilasters
A) Pilasters are sold as pairs.
B) It is architecturally acceptable for the crosshead to be even with or slightly overhang the pilasters (see illustration above). Also, it is acceptable for the bottom thickness of the crosshead to be smaller than the projection of the pilasters as long as the top projection of the crosshead is deeper than the pilasters.

Step 2: Select Your Header
A) Individual crossheads (with optional keystones)
B) Crosshead and decorative pediments (sold separately)
C) Crosshead / pediment combinations (moulded together - one piece)

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