Vinyl Door Surrounds

Update your current exterior with vinyl door surrounds. You can purchase the individual components in order to create a custom-sized vinyl door surround that fits any door size. This is especially helpful in creating a surround for a wide entryway. Match your vinyl door trim with the vinyl window headers and vinyl shutters for a fresh, unified look. We also offer Fypon door surrounds of you prefer urethane to vinyl.

Vinyl Door Surround
Door Surround Specifications
Style Options
You choose the header style. Select from flat panel or classic dentil.
Flat Panel
Classic Dentil
Flat Panel Vinyl Door Header
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Classic Dentil Vinyl Door Header
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The Benefits of Our Vinyl Door Surrounds

Great Looking--Frames your door with classic accents that add a look of distinction to any home.

Maintenance Free. Will not yellow! Never needs painting! 40 year warranty includes the finish!
Decorative keystones add style. Can be used to combine headers by concealing cuts and joining points. Surface Mount installs in minutes on any surface including brick or siding. No face nailing or caulking necessary.
Individual Components
  • Each header includes one keystone (use is optional).
  • Keystones can be used to combine headers by concealing cuts and joining points.




Pilasters (pair) $227.30

Flat Panel Headers

Flat Panel Door Header

33-5/8" x 6" Flat Header $71.70
37-5/8" x 6" Flat Header $78.70
43-5/8" x 6" Flat Header $83.40
65-5/8" x 6" Flat Header $138.10
73-5/8" x 6" Flat Header $141.90
33-5/8" x 9" Flat Header $105.10
37-5/8" x 9" Flat Header $118.30
43-5/8" x 9" Flat Header $126.90
65-5/8" x 9" Flat Header $186.30
73-5/8" x 9" Flat Header $211.90
128" x 9"
Extra 6" Keystone
Extra 9" Keystone

Classic Dentil Headers

Dentil Window Header
33-5/8" x 6" Dentil Header $71.70
37-5/8" x 6" Dentil Header $78.70
43-5/8" x 6" Dentil Header $83.40
65-5/8" x 6" Dentil Header $138.10
73-5/8" x 6" Dentil Header $141.90
73-5/8" x 9" Dentil Header $211.90
Extra 6" Keystone

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